Welcome, I'm Luca
Destination Wedding
and Portrait Photographer

My name is Luca Cuomo and I’m an Italian destination wedding and portrait photographer. Photography is my special way of narrating the world around me and the people I meet. Each one of us has a story to tell. Our past experience helps us become who we really are. And it’s my challenge to find out and narrate other people’s stories and feelings. I love playing with pictures and binding them together to reach the heart and soul of the beholder.

The story of a picture is made by who experiences it, who shots it, and who looks at it. I love telling stories, whether they are weddings, portraits or personal projects. And photography is what allows me to do this.

In any place or any moment you want to remember, I’d be happy to be by your side and narrate them through my pictures.

my personal VISION

My style is a mix of a reportage, intimate portraits, emotional images, and dynamic photos.

Photography is not just pressing a button.
Photography is telling people’s stories and, above it all, giving them precious memories.
All of us have moments worth remembering and I bet you do, too.
But moments should not be remembered only as they happened, they should be celebrated and photographed in the best way possible.

This is my photography’s goal  ̶  helping you remember and shaping and important bit of your memory. Who says that the best moments aren’t the ones in pictures?


My pictures, whether portraits or weddings, do not just capture a moment. Weddings and portraits are unique because of you and your loved ones, not because of their location, the clothes you wear or where you live. YOU are the inspiration behind my work. YOU and YOUR STORIES make my pictures unique. 


Each one of us is different and I want to tell your story through my pictures in a sincere, and intimate way, capturing your unique moments.
I’m truly in love with people’s souls and I try to shape my photographs by chasing your vibes and your breaths.
My approach to wedding photography is documentary-like, but I pay special attention to portraits, trying to find a balance between modern and vintage.



I firmly believe that photography can reveal something about people, their relationships, but above it all, about ourselves.

That’s why my pictures, my vision, and my eyes are focused on the small details and on those intimate feelings that hide within us.
I am obsessed by people’s feeling and I wish to capture them in the most personal and authentic way.


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